Monday, January 3, 2011

This is Me

So I am at a point in my life where it feels like the my life is going a hundred miles and hour and I am holding on for dear life.. kind of like I am on a collision course but I am not quite sure where I am headed. 2010 went by so fast and I feel like I left some goals behind and didn't quite accomplish some other things that I wanted to. Life goes by so fast and sometimes when you stop and look at where you are things look quite a bit different. Life is crazy and beautiful and simply put.. hard. I get so caught up in the giant aspect of things that I forget to look at the small details that matter so much more.
As I reflect on my life and who I have become these are somethings that I have learned about myself:
-I don't know what I want to do when I grow up.. there is so much to do and to see and yet I don't really like change.
-I do know that I love the gospel and have a passion for teaching it.. I didn't realize this until I was a gospel doctrine teacher a couple of semesters ago and the gospel is beautiful and rich and full of amazing things that we only need to take advantage of because it has already been given to us.
-I am a dreamer.. I am an optimist.. I hope for the best so sometimes my world gets rocked when life doesn't end with happily ever after
-I am lazy but driven.. I get an A in procrastination but have so much passion for life and learning new things and that drives me to be better
-I am shy but love to get to know people.. I can be the life of the party but I would rather sit back and just watch people and how they interact with others
-I am creative even though I don't feel like it.. I have gifts and talents that are amazing and I let what I think others opinions are get in the way of me sharing them
-I am stubborn.. I like things my way and am working on being better at compromising :)
-I love life.. even with all the struggles
Life is about letting go of things that seem important and realizing what is truly of worth. I am excited to be living in Rexburg and am very excited for this up coming semester. I am excited to be able to better fulfill my calling as a Relief Society president and am so excited to get to know the girls in my relief society better. I am excited for my old roommates and for my new ones. I am excited for this stage of life I am in and for all the experiences that are coming my way.


  1. I am so happy you updated your blog!!! :) I hope you keep it updated now... ;) You are amazing! Simply put. I am so lucky I was able to live with you for 3 semesters, and wouldn't change them for anything. The memories we made are amazing! :) Love you!!!

  2. I miss you ashley bashley. Update more often so I know where you're at. Love you!